Pam Sargent-Morris: I Lost My Dad in Just Eight Weeks

When Les Sargent battled colon cancer, one of his first symptoms was nausea and dry heaves. When this symptom recurred, it sounded an alarm for the Sargent family. “Dad never complained,” Pam Sargent-Morris recalls. “He didn’t share too much information. I just knew he had some dry heaves.” Testing revealed Les’s liver enzymes were dangerously… Read more »

Sarah Davis Running Chicago for Cancer Survivor Mom

Last year, Lynn Carter’s  excellent health was disrupted by intermittent fevers. Her daughter, physician Sarah Davis was concerned, but her mom’s fevers never lasted long. Finally in October, 2016, when Lynn developed a high fever and chills, Sarah asked her mom to please go to her internist. When Lynn hesitated, Sarah insisted she come in… Read more »

Cancer Survivor Inspires Son to Run Chicago

James Magee learned his deep respect for healthy living from his father, John Magee. Twenty years ago, a medical diagnosis prompted John to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle.  For years, under John’s influence, health and fitness was an integral part of the Magee family’s life. A year ago, however, a new and shocking medical diagnosis caused… Read more »

Nine Tips for Surviving and Thriving after a Running Injury

It’s July and many runners are gearing up for fall marathons. While we do our best to be smart and prevent injuries, sometimes things happen. Ramping up miles and/or intensity can reveal your body’s weaknesses. If you get injured, don’t panic! Remember that taking the time to take care of your body can make you… Read more »

Rob Stuardi Survives Pancreatic Cancer, Runs Chicago

Most people don’t decide to run a marathon while lying in the hospital after enduring major surgery. No one sent that memo to Rob Stuardi, apparently: While Rob was recovering from his Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer, he said to his wife, “If I beat this, I’m going to run a marathon.” A man of… Read more »