Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Rob Stuardi Runs Marathon

When Rob Stuardi was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he told his wife he would run a marathon if he survived his illness. This October, Rob kept his promise to himself when he ran the 2017 Chicago Marathon with Project Purple. Rob raised over $14,000 to help others affected by pancreatic cancer and learned about himself… Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2017

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month. Some people probably wonder, “Why do we need a pancreatic cancer awareness month?” Truthfully, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me, ‘I didn’t know anything about pancreatic cancer until my loved one was diagnosed with it’, because I could fund a whole lot of… Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month: Hope for the Future

November is pancreatic cancer awareness month. When I was diagnosed in 2013, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer rate was 5%. When I first saw that statistic, I assumed it had to be wrong. How could ANY cancer have a survival rate of just 5%? Sadly, that was, in fact, the case for many… Read more »

Trisha Ladley: The Art of Running for a Cure

At this time last year, Trisha Ladley thought her father, Lou Tamara, was as healthy as ever. In fact, when he saw his primary care doctor for a physical in October, Lou did not indicate he was having any problems.  Within weeks, however, Lou was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Lou passed away in… Read more »

What Might Your Breasts and Your Pancreas Have in Common?

Did you know that some of the genetic mutations which cause breast cancer have also been identified as playing a role in inherited pancreas cancer? As we move from October, which is breast cancer awareness month, to November, which is pancreatic cancer awareness month, let’s look at some of the genetic mutations involved in ‘familial… Read more »