Father’s Day Tribute: The Dads of Pancreatic Cancer

As Father’s Day approaches, we at Project Purple are honoring the fathers who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For our runners who have lost their dads to pancreatic cancer, Father’s Day elicits many mixed emotions and memories. They miss the advice and guidance their fathers gave them. They wish their dads were present for… Read more »

Here’s Why YOU Should Celebrate Global Running Day!

Today is Global Running Day! In honor of Global Running Day, Project Purple urges you to lace up your shoes and head out for a run! I asked some of our Project Purple runners ‘What is it about running that is celebration-worthy in your life?’ Here is what they had to say. Gina Alvarez: Running… Read more »

Celebrate Global Running Day!

Celebrate your love of running with Project Purple on Global Running Day! Originally known as ‘National Running Day’ in the United States, the event has now spread around the world. According to the New York Road Runners website, more than 2.5 million people from 177 countries participated in Global Running Day in 2016.  In addition,… Read more »

Stories of Survival and Hope: World Cancer Survivor Day

Pancreatic cancer has a devastatingly low five-year survival rate of only 8%. Cancer Survivor’s Day is June 4th, 2017. Please join Project Purple in celebrating the lives of those who are pancreatic cancer survivors.  Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Kevin King  Kevin King first learned he had pancreatic cancer in 2013. Since then, the love and support… Read more »

Stories of Inspiration: Cancer Survivor’s Day

June 4th, 2017 is ‘Cancer Survivor’s Day’.  While the rate of survival is increasing for most cancers, the 5-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer remains at an abysmally low 8%.  Even though pancreatic cancer continues to be a deadly diagnosis for most who have it, some people do survive this illness. This week, as Cancer Survivor’s… Read more »