Project Purple Runner Joel Diaz

Joel Diaz began running as a means to regain his fitness. “I weighed close to 300 pounds when I got out of college,” Joel Diaz says. “I had gained weight due to stress. Running was a way for me to be more active. As soon as I started running, the weight started coming off.” Joel’s… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Tova Markowitz

Tova Markowitz has been touched by pancreatic cancer more than once in her life. In October, 2009, her aunt, Gail Sterman, was diagnosed with the disease. She passed away just weeks later in December, 2009. “It was traumatic,” Tova recalls.” We just couldn’t believe it happened so quickly.” In 2011, her uncle, Larry Abrams, was… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Jill Boterus

Hearing Jill Boterus talk about her stepfather, Michael Hakim, is deeply moving. You can hear the love and deep regard she has for Michael very clearly in her voice. She says, “In our family, we regard the word ‘step’ very preciously. For many people, the word means ‘a step away’. For our family, step means a step… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Mike Kahn

Thirty years ago, when Michael Kahn was a freshman in high school, his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Mike was only 15 years old when he lost his dad. “When you are 15, you think of yourself as an adult,” Mike says. “But it was not until I became an adult that I realized… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Elizabeth Ingham

Elizabeth Ingham was in middle school when her father, John, first became ill. With John’s flexible work schedule through much of Elizabeth’s childhood, the two shared a special bond. “I know people often say that your parents are your heroes, but he really was mine. Growing up, my mom worked full-time and my dad was… Read more »