Critical Importance of Nutrition While Battling Pancreatic Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the nutrition advice can be overwhelming. Good nutrition during treatment is important for tolerating treatments and healing quickly. Because the pancreas produces many important digestive and absorption components like insulin and digestive enzymes, people getting treatment for pancreatic cancer can often have trouble eating. Loss of muscle and… Read more »

How to Banish Insomnia and Get Amazing Sleep

It all started when I found out I had cancer. Suddenly, I found myself tossing and turning at night, unable to sleep. I slept fewer and fewer hours each night, and I was constantly waking up.  I researched insomnia and tried all the recommended ‘sleep hygiene’ tips. Still, sleep was elusive.  I’m not the only… Read more »

Bliss and Luxury at Epic Napa to Sonoma Half

One of the most popular races in the country, the Napa to Sonoma half-marathon, sells out immediately after registration opens. In fact, the race has earned a reputation for filling quickly every year. While there are no spots available through regular registration for the 2017 race, Project Purple is accepting applications to run with our… Read more »

Parenting and Cancer: “How do I do it?”

Being a parent is the best job in the world, but it is also a difficult job, even on the best of days. Throw in a cancer diagnosis and being a parent becomes much more difficult. Following my own 2013 cancer diagnosis, I worried how my illness would affect my children. How would I explain… Read more »

Behind the Scenes with Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Mauldin

If you have ever seen one of Project Purple’s posters, flyers or brochures, then you have seen the work of our creative genius, more formally known as Creative Director, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Mauldin. I recently caught up with Liz and we discussed some recent changes in her life, her role at Project Purple and how she… Read more »