John Honerkamp Brings Passion to NYC Running Scene

John Honerkamp just might be the most well-connected person in the New York City running scene. From running at St. John’s University, to working for the New York Road Runners, to his involvement with the November Project and TrackTown USA, he has done it all. He recently shared his thoughts on all things running-related including… Read more »

Diana Wenrich: Running for Her Dad’s Life

When Diana Wenrich was just 10 years old, her stepfather, Tom Gulcynski, came into her life. He has been such an essential part of Diana’s world for so long, she refers to him simply as ‘Dad’. She says, “He has always treated my sister and me as his daughters. He never uses the word ‘step’…. Read more »

Father’s Day: Honoring Dads’ Battles with Pancreatic Cancer

 With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, Project Purple honors the fathers who have battled pancreatic cancer. Many of those dads who fought pancreatic cancer are no longer with us. Their families continue to try to make sense of how to approach Father’s Day many years later.   The families of the dads who have survived… Read more »

Father’s Day Tribute: The Dads of Pancreatic Cancer

As Father’s Day approaches, we at Project Purple are honoring the fathers who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For our runners who have lost their dads to pancreatic cancer, Father’s Day elicits many mixed emotions and memories. They miss the advice and guidance their fathers gave them. They wish their dads were present for… Read more »

Here’s Why YOU Should Celebrate Global Running Day!

Today is Global Running Day! In honor of Global Running Day, Project Purple urges you to lace up your shoes and head out for a run! I asked some of our Project Purple runners ‘What is it about running that is celebration-worthy in your life?’ Here is what they had to say. Gina Alvarez: Running… Read more »