Runner Michael Amster

In 2013, Michael Amster was running the Boston Marathon when it was rocked by a terrorist bombing. The runners were stopped out on the course. Michael’s top priority was to connect with his son Adam, who was also running the marathon. Once he learned that Adam was unharmed, his attention turned to a gentleman who… Read more »

Runner Sarah Gross

A Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis has a profound impact not only the patient and immediate family. It also has a tremendous effect on the patient’s circle of friends. Sarah Gross learned about this devastating illness last year when her close friend, co-worker and running partner, Gina Cyza, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Sarah Gross… Read more »

Runner Travis Russell

For Travis Russell, the pain of losing his mother to Pancreatic Cancer in October 2011 is still very real. As he talks about losing his mom, Travis pauses as his emotions bubble to the surface. He was reluctant to share his story at first, because every time he has to revisit his mother’s illness, the… Read more »

Runner Derrick Lenz

Derrick Lenz remembers how life changed for his family in the blink of an eye one day in 2005. Derrick Lenz’ sister Larissa Lenz went for a run and was struck by a drunk driver. Her parents, Lawrence and Linda Lenz, met Larissa at the hospital where she was having her injuries evaluated. Fortunately, Larissa’s… Read more »

Coping with Metastatic PC

There are few moments in life that have a more profound and far-reaching impact than hearing the words, “You have Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.” Receiving a diagnosis of inoperable, metastatic Pancreatic Cancer is clearly a life-changing event that has an all-encompassing impact on both patients and their families. We spoke with several patients who are… Read more »