Marathoners Meg and Mark Nicolet

Meg and Mark Nicolet met while they were undergraduate students at Hillsdale College in Michigan. Mark played football in college and for a time after, as well. Two of his football coaches had told Mark that one of their top three goals in life was to finish a marathon. Mark’s coaches had a profound influence… Read more »

Marathon Runner Boomer Cover

Brian “Boomer” Cover learned about the harsh realities of Pancreatic Cancer at a young age. Jim Cover, Boomer’s father, was diagnosed with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in February of 2007. Boomer was only 22 when he found out that his dad had cancer. He was young and somewhat naïve about what this particular diagnosis meant… Read more »

Marathon Runner Caitlin Krebs

Caitlin Krebs’ love and admiration for her aunt and uncle is apparent in everything she says about them. She describes her uncle David Hirt as a brilliant man whose quiet strength inspired others. She describes her aunt Bev Hirt as gregarious and wonderfully opinionated. Caitlin says, “They were married for 38 years. They balanced each… Read more »

Researcher & Coach Jane Cullis

Meet Jane Cullis, Project Purple’s running coach, who  just happens to also be a Pancreatic Cancer researcher. Jane’s professional experience with Pancreatic Cancer, and her background as an elite runner/coach, made her the perfect person to partner with Project Purple. Jane serves on Project Purple’s scientific advisory board, which decides which research projects will receive… Read more »

Beth Swank Runs & Gets Her Life Back

Beth Swank had never been athletic. In fact, she describes herself as having been a “chubby” child. Her least favorite class was Physical Education, where she hated doing the mile run. She never imagined herself as a runner. After two pregnancies and two surgeries over the course of four years, however, running is what ultimately… Read more »