Project Purple partner Susan Hurley

Susan Hurley’s close friend Gary Resnick liked to tell her that he had nine lives. The retired stock broker truly had managed to survive things that others many others did not. On September 11th, 2001, he escaped and ran from the twin towers after the terrorist attacks. Later, he was diagnosed with stage III pancreatic… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Brian Wieckowski

Brian Wieckowski started running in high school because he had no choice. He was an athletic teen who played baseball and basketball, but running was just not something the New Jersey teen was interested in pursuing. When his brother John took up cross country, however, their mother insisted that Brian run with John. John was… Read more »

Nutrition & Hydration with Coach Jane

The act of running is fairly simple in and of itself. It really is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.  In order to train and race successfully, however, other factors come into play. Runners have to add in speed workouts, hill workouts, and proper recovery into their training programs…. Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer and Survivor’s Guilt

When we think of survivor’s guilt, we often imagine specific, obviously traumatic scenarios. We think about the soldier who feels tormented because he lost friends he served with in war. We envision people who have lived through devastating natural disasters. But other groups of people live with survivor’s guilt, too. In fact, it is quite… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Brad Noland

When Brad Noland’s wife Char went into labor 24 weeks into her pregnancy, Dr. Jill Pechacek showed up at the hospital immediately to provide emotional support for the couple. Dr. Pechacek is a pediatrician, but she was not at the hospital to tend to the babies. Instead, she was coming simply because she knew that… Read more »