Project Purple Runner Matt Greco

Matt Greco was in sixth grade when his family received devastating news. Matt remembers sitting beside his two younger siblings on the couch in the year 2000. His parents informed them as gently as they could that their lives were about to change drastically. Matt’s father, Alfonso Greco, had been diagnosed with a pancreatic neuroendocrine… Read more »

Take Your Running to the Next Level

Anyone who has ever completed a running race remembers the rush they felt when they first crossed the finish line. There is an immediate sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes when one runs through the finishers’ chute. Often the first though may be “That was fun!” or “That was really hard!” Frequently, the next… Read more »

Runner Chelsea Hackett

Chelsea Hackett remembers the first races she ever completed. She and her mother, Rochanne Hackett, speed walked a 10K in Reno, NV called the Journal Jog. In running and in life, Rochanne passed along many life lessons to her daughter. “She was always emphasizing the value of physical activity. When I was little, she used… Read more »

Runner Sally Lappies Kraham

Sally Lappies Kraham has always wanted to run the Chicago Marathon. She had recently put her name in for the lottery when her family received some bad news: her husband’s cousin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sally says, “My husband Rich comes from a very big, loving family and Pam is a part of that… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Matt Randle

Matthew Randle opens our conversation by saying, “I love ultra marathons! I think I am addicted to them!” Matt is the Run Lead coordinator for Lifetime Fitness Center in Omaha, NE, so his love of long distance running makes perfect sense. What might surprise people is that Matt was actually born with a potentially deadly… Read more »