Runner Fabiola Epperly

Fabiola Epperly has been touched by Pancreatic Cancer more than once in her life. She knows first-hand the devastating impact the illness has on the lives of those it touches. In 2003, she sat by her former mother-in-law’s bedside as she took her last breaths after fighting pancreatic cancer for just four months. In an… Read more »

Runner Lynn Ellis

Lynn Ellis, a runner from Tacoma, Washington, will be toeing the line this fall at the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon with the Project Purple team. It is commendable that Lynn has chosen to fundraise for a charity running team, but what is truly inspiring is how she has faced her own medical crisis. For… Read more »

Runner Kelley Harlan

Janet Glasgow was 57 when she first became ill. She had lost weight and began experiencing digestive problems. Those symptoms prompted Janet to seek medical care. The doctors initially seemed perplexed by what was causing Janet’s pain and discomfort. Eventually, CT scans revealed a devastating diagnosis. Janet had stage IV Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Janet started on… Read more »

Runner Sarah Polio

Sarah ­­­Polio remembers very clearly the day that she first learned her father was ill. She had come home later than planned after attending a meeting at her law school. There was a note waiting for her that read, “Sarah, we have to talk to you about something serious. Come wake us up no matter… Read more »

Runner Monty Steele

Transformative moments in life often begin with the realization that one’s current path is a counterproductive one. For 59-year-old Monty Steele, that moment came when he woke up in the middle of the night and lit up a cigarette. He had smoke in his eyes, started coughing and thought to himself, “I can’t even go… Read more »