Runner Kiley Taylor

Kiley Taylor seems to express a bit of disbelief as she says, “I am running the Lincoln Half-Marathon.” Kiley has overcome incredible physical challenges to become a runner. Ten years ago, Kiley gave birth to her daughter. She endured an extremely difficult birth that tore her body apart. Kiley endured multiple reconstructive surgeries following her… Read more »

Runner Deb Bahr

Deb Bahr will be running the marathon distance for the first time in her life this May. Unlike many marathon runners who have run their entire lives, Deb took up running just three years ago at the age of 60. She has run several shorter races and competed in triathlons, but has decided to really… Read more »

Runner Addison Earnest

Addison Earnest is 12 years old and currently in the sixth grade. Do not let her age or tiny frame fool you, though. Addison is a strong and mighty young woman. She is currently preparing to run the Lincoln half-marathon as a member of the Project Purple team. She will run in honor her of… Read more »

Runner Michael Amster

In 2013, Michael Amster was running the Boston Marathon when it was rocked by a terrorist bombing. The runners were stopped out on the course. Michael’s top priority was to connect with his son Adam, who was also running the marathon. Once he learned that Adam was unharmed, his attention turned to a gentleman who… Read more »

Runner Sarah Gross

A Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis has a profound impact not only the patient and immediate family. It also has a tremendous effect on the patient’s circle of friends. Sarah Gross learned about this devastating illness last year when her close friend, co-worker and running partner, Gina Cyza, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. Sarah Gross… Read more »