Runner Maureen Haynes

Maureen Haynes is preparing to run the New York City Marathon this fall. This will be her first attempt at the marathon distance. She wanted to run as part of a charity team because she thought that it would be more rewarding to be a part of a team than running just on her own…. Read more »

Runners Christine Sterne & Lynn Allen

Tisha Allen was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2007. She had always been a healthy woman who was very active and played a lot of tennis. Her diagnosis came about in a rather unusual way: Her dermatologist happened to notice that her skin was yellow. If she had not been jaundiced, who knows how long… Read more »

Runner Amanda Thomas

Sharon Thomas was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer in 2009. Her family was told that she could only expect to live for a few months, but Sharon fought as hard as she could. Amanda Thomas, Sharon’s daughter, explains, “Her grandson, Liam, was a huge motivator for her to live as long as she could…. Read more »

Runner Jill Smart

Jill smart’s father, Jon Mattson, suddenly started experiencing intense itching. He felt mildly ill, but it was the itching that really bothered him. He saw his primary care doctor, who ordered a series of blood tests. Everything came back within the normal range. However, Jon’s doctor refused to give up.  He persisted in trying to… Read more »

Runner Shannon Scalisi

Shannon Scalisi will be running the Chicago Marathon this fall in honor of her mother, Lynda Turnage. Shannon lost her mother to pancreatic cancer just weeks ago.  This will be Shannon’s first time running the marathon distance and she is looking forward to being a part of the Project Purple team. When asked why she… Read more »