Runner Justin Murphy

Justin Murphy has some lofty running goals for 2015. As he discusses his upcoming races, Justin admits that he faced some obstacles recently. He explains, “I am coming off of a broken foot right now. I have been in a walking boot for a few weeks, but it is coming off on Tuesday. I will… Read more »

Runner Karen Bernard

Karen Bernard is speaking with me from a hospital bed. A couple of days prior, she had been cooking dinner when she accidentally punctured her hand with a knife. Within hours, her hand became so swollen and painful that she could not move it. She finally agreed to go to the emergency room to have… Read more »

Runner Kendall Reimer

Kendall Reimer ran the Lincoln Half-Marathon on May 3rd, 2015. The 24-year-old opera singer had to overcome a lot of obstacles just to get to the starting line. Kendall’s family has experienced devastating losses to both Pancreatic Cancer and Ewing’s Sarcoma. Kendall has a heart condition which actually caused her heart to stop beating in… Read more »

Runner Janine Dolan

Janine Dolan was a teenager when her father, Hank Dolan, passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. The trauma of her father’s illness and passing was, at times, too much for Janine to bear. She struggled for many years to process the pain of losing her dad so early in life. Though it took time, Janine eventually… Read more »

Runner Julie Weiss

Julie Weiss is widely known in running circles as the “Marathon Goddess”.  It is no wonder she has acquired the nickname, as she has run 86 marathons since she began running just seven  years ago. When asked how she acquired the nickname, Julie explains that she saw the words “Marathon Goddess” on a t-shirt and… Read more »