Runner Marisa Valentinetti

Marisa Valentinetti was in nursing school in the fall of 2003 when her mom, Michele Adamo, became sick. Michele had been experiencing significant reflux and indigestion but she did not want to go to the doctor. She was no fan of the medical profession, so she put off going for quite some time. One morning,… Read more »

Runner Felicia Minson

Felicia Minson has known Brian “Boomer” Cover for much of her life. Brian’s father had been a popular dentist in their community of Pueblo, CO, and Felicia’s family and the Cover family had known each other for years. Felicia even went to high school with Brian’s younger brother. They had been friends for a long… Read more »

Runner Carolyn Praught

Carolyn Praught stopped by her parents’ house for the night following a music festival in a neighboring town. She had been living on her own for a short period of time, and had decided that she wanted to check in with her family. When she arrived at her parents’ place, her mom said, “Dad is… Read more »

Runner Vanessa Shawver

Vanessa Shawver became a runner out of necessity. While in college, she started running because she needed to pass her physical fitness test to maintain her Army ROTC scholarship. At that point in her life, running was simply a means to an end. It was something  she did not enjoy, but she had to do…. Read more »

Runner Kim Lindsay

Kim Lindsay warmly remembers her mom, Dixie Wilkinson, as “The best mom and grandma in the world.” Kim explains, “She was just always there for us. She was always there for my kids. She loved to dance. She was always happy and would do anything for anybody.  She worked hard and had a lot of… Read more »