Runner Monty Steele

Transformative moments in life often begin with the realization that one’s current path is a counterproductive one. For 59-year-old Monty Steele, that moment came when he woke up in the middle of the night and lit up a cigarette. He had smoke in his eyes, started coughing and thought to himself, “I can’t even go… Read more »

Tonia Runs the Bryce 100

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. I was 44 years old, fit and healthy. I had recently run my first 100 mile race at the Vermont 100 endurance run. I had followed that up with a win at the Bear Chase 100k. Just seven weeks later, I was in the hospital having surgery… Read more »

Runners Phil & Kristen Reiss

Kristen and Phil Reiss, Jr. met in 2011. Kristen had been friends with Katy Reiss, who was Phil’s younger sister. Katy and Kristen had become friends as undergraduate students, and Kristen was introduced to Phil at Katy’s wedding.  Kristen and Phil hit it off and started dating shortly after Katy’s wedding. Within a couple of… Read more »

Runner Tammy Marquis

Tammy Marquis grew up in a large Italian-American family. Her best friends during her childhood were her siblings and numerous cousins. One of those cousins was named Susan Jaciow. As children, Tammy, Susan and the rest of the cousins all worked together in the family’s farm business. They were constantly at one another’s homes.   Tammy… Read more »

Runner Jack Pattie

Jack Pattie’s family has endured several tragic losses over the years. Of the nine original members of the Pattie family, only four are still surviving. Every single loss was tragic and heartbreaking, but Jack struggled most with the loss of his oldest brother Jimmy. Jack explains, “We had dealt with sudden loss in our family… Read more »