Survivor Larry Nicolet

Larry Nicolet remembers the whirlwind week in January when he went from thinking he was perfectly healthy to finding out he had a potentially lethal illness. Larry and his wife Joan had gone to a basketball game on January 20, 2011. At the game, Joan asked him, “Do you feel alright?” Larry replied that he… Read more »

Survivor Gina Cyza

Gina Cyza was training for the Market to Market relay race in 2014. The active and healthy 40-year-old had run several races in the past, but this time around she felt like she could just not get into the kind of shape she had been in before.  She was feeling fatigued and went out for… Read more »

Runner Cecil Vermule

Cecil Vermule found himself struggling to make the half-mile walk from his car to his office one Friday in June of 2012. As he walked uphill, he found his heart racing and he felt himself become out of breath. Cecil thought, “I am too young to be out of breath from walking a half-mile.” That… Read more »

Marathon Runner Kristin Ebberts

Kristin Ebberts’ personal experience with Pancreatic Cancer has fueled her desire to focus on improving her own health, and the health of everyone in her life. Kristin lost her beloved father, Stan Neher, to Pancreatic Cancer in 2012. Losing her father to this disease pushed Kristin to take a long, hard look at her own… Read more »

Survivors Talk About Surgery

For this installment of the Project Purple Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Series, we will be hearing from survivors who had surgery as part of their pancreatic cancer treatment. Only a small percentage of Pancreatic Cancer patients are diagnosed early enough to be eligible for surgery. It is estimated that only approximately 15-20% of patients are eligible… Read more »