Beth Swank Runs & Gets Her Life Back

Beth Swank had never been athletic. In fact, she describes herself as having been a “chubby” child. Her least favorite class was Physical Education, where she hated doing the mile run. She never imagined herself as a runner. After two pregnancies and two surgeries over the course of four years, however, running is what ultimately… Read more »

Marathon Runner Andy Polio

John Polio is a gastroenterologist who specializes in liver disease. When asked to describe his father, John’s son Andy Polio says, “He is the best person I know. To say he is a role model is putting it lightly. He is so caring and dedicated. He has a crazy sense of humor that has permeated… Read more »

Sarah Vyhnalek Transforms Her Life

It may be difficult to understand why someone might want to train for a half or even a full marathon. Choosing to run for 13 or more miles may seem impossible or even slightly crazy. There are all kinds of reasons why people think that they cannot run long distances. They believe they do not… Read more »

Marathon Runner Keelin Hodgkins

When Keelin Hodgkins was 10 years old, she went to Boston with her beloved Aunt Cassie. A doctor Cassie knew was running the Boston Marathon in honor of patients she had lost. Cassie and Keelin attended the pre-race pasta dinner the night before the marathon, and then watched the marathon on television the next day…. Read more »

Pancreatic Cancer Fighter Rick Carone

Rick Carone had encountered Pancreatic Cancer already once in his life. His mother had passed away at the age of 50, just two months after having been diagnosed with metastatic Pancreatic Cancer. Still, this young, healthy outdoorsman never expected that he might one day face the same diagnosis. Rick grew up in Cary, Illinois as… Read more »