Top Seven Reasons to Run the Twin Cities Marathon



Looking to run a fantastic fall marathon or ten mile race for a great cause? Join Project Purple at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 1, 2017. The Twin Cities Marathon has an outstanding reputation among seasoned marathon runners. Here are the top seven reasons why you should join Project Purple in Minneapolis-St. Paul this fall!

Top Seven Reasons to Run the Twin Cities Marathon

     1) The Race Organization. Twin Cities has earned the reputation of being an extremely well-organized               event. The race is a well-respected event within the running community because it goes off                                   seamlessly each year. There is a distance for everyone. Run the full marathon or choose the ten mile               distance. 

Twin Cities Marathon

The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

     2) The Beautiful Course. Fall is a lovely time of year to be in Minnesota. People who run the Twin Cities             Marathon for the first time are often blown away by how stunning the course is. It is a metropolitan                race which weaves through interesting neighborhoods and by natural features including a creek and             several lakes.

Twin Cities Marathon

Twin Cities is a beautiful Fall Marathon

     3) The Perfect Size. The Twin Cities Marathon is one of the top ten marathons in the United States. You              will have plenty of company on race day, but runners won’t be packed together like sardines on the                  course. The field is big enough that you won’t be running alone, but not so big you will be                                        overwhelmed.

Twin Cities Marathon Project Purple

Runners head toward the finish of the Twin Cities Marathon

     4) First-Timer Friendly. The Twin Cities Marathon prides itself on being first-timer friendly. In fact,                       about one-third of the runners are typically first-time marathon runners. TCM does all it can to make             first time marathoners feel welcome. They have a monthly newsletter that goes out to the newbies                and a Facebook group just for new marathoners to meet and connect.

Project Purple Twin Cities Marathon

Twin Cities is a great race for first time marathon runners!

      5) Easy to Get to. Minneapolis-St. Paul is a hub airport city, making for headache-free pre- and post-                   race travel. 

      6) The Community Support. Minneapolis-St. Paul knows how to support runners. The Twin Cities are                 often cited as being among the fittest cities in the United States with a vibrant running community.                Throngs of volunteers come out on race day to support the runners. In addition, spectators line the                course, cheering everyone from the elite runners to the back-of-the-packers.

Project Purple Twin Cities Marathon

Join Project Purple at the Twin Cities Marathon!

      7) Running for a Cause. Because running with the Project Purple team will make a difference in the life             of someone fighting pancreatic cancer! 

For more information or to apply for the Project Purple Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and 10 mile team, click HERE