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Alexander Palios Inspired by Love & Lessons from Dad

Alexander Palios and Dino Verrelli’s lives followed such similar paths; they seemed almost destined to become friends.   They both attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island and met through a mutual friend at Alexander’s church. Unfortunately, as they soon discovered, both of their lives were forever changed when they lost their fathers to pancreatic cancer. Over time, they… Read more »

How to Take the Pledge to End Pancreatic Cancer

Project Purple is asking you to ‘Take the Pledge to End Pancreatic Cancer’! The five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer has slowly inched its way up to 9%. It is thrilling to make progress in the battle against this deadly disease, but we know we need to do much more to save lives. We are… Read more »

Critical Importance of Nutrition While Battling Pancreatic Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the nutrition advice can be overwhelming. Good nutrition during treatment is important for tolerating treatments and healing quickly. Because the pancreas produces many important digestive and absorption components like insulin and digestive enzymes, people getting treatment for pancreatic cancer can often have trouble eating. Loss of muscle and… Read more »

Fighting Cancer: A Nightmare of Debt

No one should have to worry about going into debt while fighting for their life. Unfortunately, when a patient has cancer, they will endure difficult and extremely costly treatments.  Recent research has shown that half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and cannot afford to pay an unexpected bill of only $400.  A cancer diagnosis would quickly cause… Read more »

Overcome Your Holiday Stress with these Awesome Tips

Stress and the holiday season go together for many of us.  With a full calendar of events, presents to buy, and meals to plan, this time of year is especially daunting even during the best of times.  For cancer patients and their caregivers, the holidays can present a range of strong emotions. While the holidays are a… Read more »