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Project Purple Wants to Know ‘What’s Your Why’?

Project Purple wants to know ‘What’s Your Why?’ Why are you joining the fight against pancreatic cancer? Dino Verrelli discovered his why in 2008 when his dad, Giovanni Verrelli, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Before his father passed away in September, 2011, Dino promised him he would continue to fight until there was a cure… Read more »

Heather Horner Grieves Loss of Husband to Pancreatic Cancer

Heather and Mike Horner felt like their lives were falling perfectly into place. She married her best friend and the love of her life, Michael Horner. The couple had recently moved into their ‘dream home’. They had a beautiful baby girl, Mary Helen. Their love was deep and could withstand anything.  While they knew life… Read more »

Father’s Day: Honoring Dads’ Battles with Pancreatic Cancer

 With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, Project Purple honors the fathers who have battled pancreatic cancer. Many of those dads who fought pancreatic cancer are no longer with us. Their families continue to try to make sense of how to approach Father’s Day many years later.   The families of the dads who have survived… Read more »

Father’s Day Tribute: The Dads of Pancreatic Cancer

As Father’s Day approaches, we at Project Purple are honoring the fathers who have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. For our runners who have lost their dads to pancreatic cancer, Father’s Day elicits many mixed emotions and memories. They miss the advice and guidance their fathers gave them. They wish their dads were present for… Read more »

Mother’s Day: Honoring Moms’ Battles with Pancreatic Cancer

As Mother’s Day approaches, Project Purple honors the moms affected by pancreatic cancer. Some are moms we have lost after battling the illness while others are still engaged in the fight for their lives. Project Purple runners tell us why their moms and their fight are so important to them.  Tova Markowitz  Project Purple New… Read more »