Cancer Risk Assessment

powered by CancerIQ

What’s your Pancreatic Cancer IQ?

Everyone’s risk of pancreatic cancer is unique – our free 5-minute evidence-based survey powered by CancerIQ can help you learn yours.

Why should I get screened?

Surveillance and prevention are vital for anyone at a higher risk for hereditary cancers including pancreatic cancer. Research has shown that personal and family health factors can increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer. If you are at increased risk for cancer, taking advantage of additional screening options may detect cancer at an earlier stage — or decrease your risk for ever developing cancer in the first place.

If you’ve already had pancreatic cancer, this tool can help you better understand if you are someone who would benefit from extra screenings and/or genetic testing for cancer risk. This information is also very important for your relatives as they may be at an increased risk of pancreatic cancer as well.

How is this different from other screenings I’ve taken in the past?

CancerIQ is a clinical-grade tool made available to advocacy partners for the first time with a mission to give patients at the highest risk of hereditary cancers the tools to stay ahead of a diagnosis. To date, it’s been utilized across 40+ leading health systems and 200+ clinical locations to deliver precision early detection, prevention, treatment, and survivorship care.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive a personalized risk report that will give you a big picture of your risk, your eligibility for additional screenings like genetic testing, steps to reduce that risk, and what to do next. Project Purple is proud to

partner with CancerIQ to make the most up-to-date knowledge on pancreatic cancer prevention, genetic testing for cancer-causing genetic mutations, and early detection available directly to you today.

Is this tool safe?

CancerIQ is a HIPAA compliant, SOC2 certified, clinical-grade tool trusted by hundreds of thousands of patients and providers to safeguard their protected health information. Project Purple won’t be made aware of any of the results of this risk assessment tool unless you choose to share information you’ve learned back to us. From time to time, CancerIQ may send you reminders to stay on top of your annual screenings. For more information about how your information will be kept safe, you can check CancerIQ’s privacy policy here.