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Fighting Cancer: A Nightmare of Debt

No one should have to worry about going into debt while fighting for their life. Unfortunately, when a patient has cancer, they will endure difficult and extremely costly treatments.  Recent research has shown that half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and cannot afford to pay an unexpected bill of only $400.  A cancer diagnosis would quickly cause… Read more »

Tara Petta’s Powerful and Amazing Story of Hope

In 2014, Tara Petta’s worst fears came true when she was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters even worse, it happened to be the most deadly form of cancer: pancreatic.  “Getting cancer was always a huge fear of mine,” Tara Petta says. “If someone was complaining about something, I would tell them ‘Put it into… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Tara Petrillo

When I spoke with Tara Petrillo, she and her husband, Chris, had only been married for a brief time. While she was happy to be married, she expressed sadness over the fact that her father-in-law, August Petrillo, had not lived long enough to be present at their wedding. “Augie”, as he was known to friends… Read more »

Project Purple Runner Tova Markowitz

Tova Markowitz has been touched by pancreatic cancer more than once in her life. In October, 2009, her aunt, Gail Sterman, was diagnosed with the disease. She passed away just weeks later in December, 2009. “It was traumatic,” Tova recalls.” We just couldn’t believe it happened so quickly.” In 2011, her uncle, Larry Abrams, was… Read more »

Tonia Runs the Bryce 100

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. I was 44 years old, fit and healthy. I had recently run my first 100 mile race at the Vermont 100 endurance run. I had followed that up with a win at the Bear Chase 100k. Just seven weeks later, I was in the hospital having surgery… Read more »