Twin Cities Marathon & 10 Mile Race Team 2024

Twin Cities Marathon & 10 Mile Race Team 2024

Event date: October 5, 2024
- October 6, 2024

Twin Cities Marathon & 10 Mile Race Team

Attention Runners! Accomplish your goal of crossing the finish line with the Project Purple team in the 2024 Twin Cities Marathon and 10-Mile Race. Being on the Project Purple Team will enable you to accomplish personal goals, while supporting research and raising awareness of pancreatic cancer. Runners of all levels are encouraged to apply for consideration.

Nestled amid the vibrant urban landscape and scenic beauty of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Twin Cities Marathon and 10-Mile Races offer a unique and unforgettable running experience. Renowned for their flat and fast courses, these races are perfect for both seasoned runners aiming for a personal best and beginners seeking an inspiring challenge. What sets these races apart is the incredible sense of community and support that envelops participants throughout the journey. The cheering crowds, picturesque routes, and the camaraderie among fellow runners create an atmosphere that turns every step into a celebration.

Benefits of joining the 2024 Project Purple Twin Cities Marathon Team include:

  • All fundraising goes towards raising awareness and finding a cure for pancreatic cancer
  • Personalized training assistance
  • Welcome Package
  • Fundraising web page and assistance
  • Team gear
  • Fundraising Requirement: $1,000 Minimum for 10-Mile Race/ $750 for Full Marathon

Please note that you will be asked to sign this application upon completion. This only serves to verify that you have answered to the best of your abilities. It does not guarantee you a spot on the team or bind you to any contract.

Upon completion of this application, someone will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you are extended an invitation to join the Project Purple team you will have 48 hours to complete a waiver and set up your fundraising page, or you may lose your spot to someone else based solely on demand. If you have any questions, please reach out to Vin at or (475) 351-9768.


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