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Project Purple recognizes how difficult it is for patients to fight cancer while keeping up with their bills. The charity created the Patient Financial Aid program specifically to provide financial assistance to those who are currently fighting pancreatic cancer. Project Purple chairman, Dino Verrelli, and Executive Director, Elli Erickson, both watched their parents as they battled pancreatic cancer. They learned how difficult it is for patients to fight pancreatic cancer while simultaneously attempting to pay medical bills and other daily living expenses. Project Purple is currently running a ’50 in 50’ campaign in hopes of raising $50,000 in 50 days. All money raised in this campaign will go to help those who are fighting pancreatic cancer.  

Project Purple's PFA program helps those battling pancreatic cancer.
Project Purple’s PFA program helps those battling pancreatic cancer.

Over the years, Project Purple has helped patients both with and without insurance. Many people assume that only uninsured patients struggle financially while, in fact, many insured patients also have difficulty. Co-pays and co-insurance costs add up quickly, leaving many patients wondering how they will pay all of their bills. Some patients feel they must choose between appropriate cancer treatments and paying their other expenses. The Project Purple Patient Financial Aid program has helped patients with mortgage payments, car payments, grocery purchases, and a host of other expenses.

Michael’s story

Project Purple is proud to have helped many patients over the years, including Michael, who lives in New Jersey. Michael worked in the transportation industry for many years, but his pancreatic cancer treatments have rendered him unable to continue doing his job. In 2016, he experienced abdominal pains which were so severe he sought out medical care. An MRI revealed he had pancreatic cancer. Since May, he has received ongoing chemotherapy treatments in hopes his tumor will shrink.

Michael’s diagnosis came as a complete shock. He explains, “This is the kind of thing that happens to other people, not me.” The diagnosis alone was extremely difficult for Michael to absorb. Soon, his medical bills started to accumulate. His sister saw an advertisement for Project Purple’s Patient Financial Aid program and suggested Michael apply for help. The charity was able to help him pay for chemotherapy co-pays, as well as rent and his phone bill.

While his bills continue to mount, Michael tries to keep his focus on taking care of his own health. “The cancer diagnosis affects everything. It is something you have to go through yourself to understand. I try not to stress over the bills, because I really have to take care of myself.” The financial aid he received from Project Purple helps to ease the stress for Michael as he endures his chemotherapy treatments.

Sheila’s Story

When Sheila went in to the doctor for abdominal pain, she was astonished to learn she had a tumor in her pancreas. Sheila was a strong woman who most of the family leaned on over the years. She was shocked to learn she had this deadly form of cancer. She was fortunate that her tumor was surgically removed, but her doctor wanted her to have chemotherapy and radiation to help prevent a recurrence.

Sheila was exhausted from undergoing major abdominal surgery and from her months of follow-up treatments. Because she could not work, her bills piled up. The stress of having to go through treatments and worrying about losing her place to live was overwhelming. Project Purple was able to help relieve some of Sheila’s stress by paying her mortgage and medical bills during her treatments.

These are just two examples of how Project Purple has been able to help patients battling pancreatic cancer. In the past, our Patient Financial Aid program has helped many patients by providing assistance during their time of need. We have helped a single mother keep her utilities turned on. We have helped others make mortgage payments and car payments. The goal of the Patient Financial Aid program is to help those who are battling so they do not have to worry about going bankrupt or losing their home while fighting their disease.  

Please make a tax-deductible donation to our 50 in 50 program. All money raised with be going to the Patient Financial Aid program.

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