Project Purple Podcast Episode 264 – Drumming for World Records & Pancreatic Cancer Awareness with Ali Brown

Witness the incredible journey of Ali Brown, the three-time Guinness World Record holder from Northern Ireland, as he shatters records in honor of his late partner, Sharon Deegan. In a stunning display of resilience and love, Ali’s most recent accomplishment, a staggering 150-hour continuous drumming session, Ali paid homage to Sharon’s courage in her battle against pancreatic cancer. Their profound love story, which began in 2017, was tragically cut short when Sharon succumbed to the illness in early 2021, following a struggle of three and a half years and a challenging Whipple procedure.

Join us on the Project Purple Podcast as Ali opens up about his emotional journey, his relentless pursuit of drumming records, and how his music has become a vessel for spreading awareness about pancreatic cancer and mental health. In a candid conversation, Ali reveals the intertwining nature of his own mental health struggles and his mission to honor Sharon’s legacy, demonstrating how the power of rhythm and passion can transcend boundaries and inspire hope in the darkest of times.

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