Project Purple Podcast Episode 274 – Surviving Pancreatic Cancer with Christina Grace

Christina Grace, a resident of Central Florida, began experiencing discomfort in her midsection towards the end of 2020. Given the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, she initially hesitated to seek in-person medical care and instead opted for a virtual consultation. Despite following the advice given during her virtual doctor’s visit to take pain relievers, the discomfort persisted for several days. Ultimately, Christina decided it warranted a trip to the emergency room.

At the hospital, a series of tests, including a CT scan, revealed a tumor on her pancreas. Subsequently, she was transferred to another hospital where further testing confirmed the tumor to be cancerous. To her and her doctor’s surprise, it wasn’t the typical pancreatic cancer, but an extremely rare form known as Ewing sarcoma, which rarely manifests in the pancreas.

Christina embarked on a rigorous treatment regimen, undergoing fourteen cycles of chemotherapy and a grueling five-day inpatient regimen during the height of the pandemic. This meant enduring these treatments without the physical presence and support of her husband or other loved ones.

Learn more about Christina’s journey and how her mindset helped her through this incredibly difficult time on this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast.

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