Project Purple Podcast Episode 288 – Camille Moses

Camille Moses, originally from New York but now residing in Florida, is a stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivor who was diagnosed nearly 12 years ago.

Camille was diagnosed in March 2012 at the age of 53. She led an active lifestyle, often taking her three large dogs hiking, walking, and swimming. Despite experiencing back pain, breathlessness, and fatigue, she initially attributed them to her active routine and ignored them. When rest and over-the-counter pain relief didn’t help, she sought a proper diagnosis.

Initially, her symptoms were attributed to menopause due to her age, but she advocated for herself and sought further evaluation. An emergency room visit revealed spots on her pancreas, liver, and other organs, and she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Despite being advised to prepare for the worst, she sought out another opinion at the University of Miami, where she began chemotherapy treatments.

Camille underwent 34 rounds of chemotherapy in just 17 months, followed by a “chemo holiday” as per her doctor’s recommendation. Twelve years later, she has not resumed her treatment, making her one of the most notable stage 4 pancreatic cancer survivors. In her story, Camille emphasizes that statistics are not definitive, as every case is unique and outcomes vary. Camille also shares her insights on relying on faith in times of crisis. She provides examples of times when she felt miracles were present.

Putting her full trust in her oncology team, she refuses to let numbers or others’ opinions affect her positive outlook. She maintains a close relationship with her medical team and finds comfort in the term “stable” during her regular scans, expressing confidence and trust in her doctors. Despite her mother’s 1984 death from pancreatic cancer, genetic testing revealed that Camille does not have any genetic mutations herself.

Throughout her almost 12-year journey, Camille has had many opportunities to share her story on live television and other major outlets, bringing awareness to the disease and meeting several celebrities to whom she spreads her story.

Tune in for this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast to hear more about Camille’s unique and optimistic journey with pancreatic cancer.

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