Project Purple Podcast Episode 289 – Surviving Pancreatic Cancer with Kimberly Brockman

Kimberly Brockman is a 57-year-old pancreatic cancer survivor from Iowa. She had a history of preventative care, including a breast lumpectomy in her thirties and keeping up with regular screenings due to her family’s extensive history of cancer. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, she experienced symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, heartburn, and bowel issues, but felt her symptoms were being put on hold due to overwhelmed medical facilities. With her background in oncology, she sought medical attention and was diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus.

Her genetic test results revealed that she had Lynch Syndrome, specifically MSH2 and MHS6, which prompted further preventative measures including a hysterectomy and regular scans. During one of these scans, an irregular signal led to the discovery of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Despite the grim diagnosis, Kimberly’s mother, who also had the same genetic mutation, had overcome inoperable pancreatic cancer and was in remission for nearly a decade at the time of Kimberly’s diagnosis.

Kimberly underwent immunotherapy and folfirinox chemotherapy simultaneously, responding well to the treatment. When it came time to undergo the Whipple Procedure, Kimberly’s doctors found that her tumor had disappeared, and she instead underwent a pylorus-preserving pancreatoduodenectomy procedure. Additional treatment followed, leading to her being declared cancer-free as of this past April.

In an episode, Kimberly discusses her experience with Lynch Syndrome and stresses the importance of advocacy and understanding genetic risk factors. She credits her positive outlook and the support from her mother’s experience as significant factors in overcoming pancreatic cancer. Join us for this episode of the Project Purple Podcast to learn more about genetics and the power of a positive mindset while battling pancreatic cancer.

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