Project Purple Podcast Episode 291 – Treating Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Dr. Emily Britton

Meet Dr. Emily Britton of Bristol, UK. She is currently undergoing advanced training in surgery at Bristol University, focusing on diseases of the pancreas and liver, including pancreatic cancer. Dr. Britton reveals that her initial interest in the medical field was due to her family’s history of breast cancer. However, as she progressed through medical school and training, she developed a strong passion for treating pancreatic and liver conditions.

She gives insight into the standard of care in the UK public healthcare system, highlighting its pros and cons. Dr. Britton emphasizes the uniqueness of each patient’s case, advocating for individualized treatment. She also discusses the healthcare system’s tendency to be slow to adopt new and innovative medical techniques and medications due to standard care protocols.

Dr. Britton expresses the rewarding nature of working in this medical space, particularly in finding treatments for complex and challenging organs. She and Dino delve into the advancements made in the pancreatic cancer field by clinicians like herself, as well as the future of the space.

Join us for this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast to gain insight into the U.K.’s healthcare system as well as perspective from a clinician on the front lines of pancreatic cancer.

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