Watch: Sheng Huang Runs 2024 London Marathon To Honor Co-Worker Sherill Dale’s Pancreatic Cancer Fight

Sheng Huang has always loved a good challenge. He picked up running eight years ago as a way to push himself out of his comfort zone. Now, he’s completed several marathons, including some of the Abbott World Majors. This year, he’s taking on a new kind of challenge by partnering with Project Purple in honor of one of his dear friends. 

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Sherrill Dale, one of Huang’s co-workers and close friends, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2023. Now a year into her battle, she has courageously worked through her treatment plan, undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy. 

The two work together at Credo Semiconductor, a tech company committed to engineering new and innovative ways to improve connectivity in our world. Though Sherrill is still undergoing treatment, she has continued to return to Credo in between treatments. Her friends and co-workers all greatly admire her strength and kind heart, and they are proud to see her continuing her fight. 

After learning about her diagnosis, Huang wanted to do his part to help support Dale, and thousands of other patients who are currently battling pancreatic cancer. He decided that the best way to support his friend was through one of his favorite types of challenges: running. He had always admired the purpose and dedication of his fellow marathoners who were running for a charity organization. So why not take a page out of their book? 

This year, Huang will be running the 2024 London Marathon with Project Purple. This will not just be another milestone in Huang’s journey to run all the world majors, it will also be a message of hope and support for his friend Sherrill. 

If you are interested in joining the Project Purple running community, please click here for more information about our upcoming races. Thank you so much Sheng– we can’t wait to see you cross that finish line in London!

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