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11 Ways to Help Out a Cancer Patient

Learning someone you love has cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. Friends and family often want to help the patient, but they are not sure what to do. People often resort to saying, ‘Let me know what I can do to help’ or ‘Let me know if you need anything’. While the people who make… Read more »

Mariana Pantelidis Running NYCM for PC Survivor Dad

Mariana Pantelidis started running with her dad, James, when she was just seven years old. “My dad started taking me to the annual Brooklyn Turkey Trot at Prospect Park. We would go do our five mile runs together,” Marianna recalls. Inspired by these early experiences with her dad, Mariana fell in love with running. Over… Read more »

Sarah Davis Running Chicago for Cancer Survivor Mom

Last year, Lynn Carter’s  excellent health was disrupted by intermittent fevers. Her daughter, physician Sarah Davis was concerned, but her mom’s fevers never lasted long. Finally in October, 2016, when Lynn developed a high fever and chills, Sarah asked her mom to please go to her internist. When Lynn hesitated, Sarah insisted she come in… Read more »

Cancer Survivor Inspires Son to Run Chicago

James Magee learned his deep respect for healthy living from his father, John Magee. Twenty years ago, a medical diagnosis prompted John to adopt a new, healthier lifestyle.  For years, under John’s influence, health and fitness was an integral part of the Magee family’s life. A year ago, however, a new and shocking medical diagnosis caused… Read more »

Diana Wenrich: Running for Her Dad’s Life

When Diana Wenrich was just 10 years old, her stepfather, Tom Gulcynski, came into her life. He has been such an essential part of Diana’s world for so long, she refers to him simply as ‘Dad’. She says, “He has always treated my sister and me as his daughters. He never uses the word ‘step’…. Read more »