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Coping with Hair Loss from Chemo

When many cancer patients learn they must undergo chemotherapy, often one of the first things they wonder is, “Will I lose my hair?” Many, but not all, chemotherapy drugs cause hair thinning or hair loss. While some patients lose only the hair on their heads, other  patients lose eyelashes, eyebrows, leg hair, and so on…. Read more »

10 Things You Can Do to Combat Chemo Brain

Many cancer patients experience mental fogginess during or after cancer treatments. These problems, known more commonly as ‘chemo brain’, can be extremely frustrating for cancer patients. Chemo brain may be a transient problem, or it may last for years.  What is Chemo Brain? Chemo Brain is the term used for several cognitive changes cancer patients… Read more »

Parenting and Cancer: “How do I do it?”

Being a parent is the best job in the world, but it is also a difficult job, even on the best of days. Throw in a cancer diagnosis and being a parent becomes much more difficult. Following my own 2013 cancer diagnosis, I worried how my illness would affect my children. How would I explain… Read more »

Tara Petta’s Powerful and Amazing Story of Hope

In 2014, Tara Petta’s worst fears came true when she was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters even worse, it happened to be the most deadly form of cancer: pancreatic.  “Getting cancer was always a huge fear of mine,” Tara Petta says. “If someone was complaining about something, I would tell them ‘Put it into… Read more »

Introducing Jars of Hope- a gift to heal, support, and encourage

Are you wondering what you can do to lift someone’s spirits over the holidays? Project Purple is pleased to offer these beautiful ‘Jars of Hope’ just in time for the holidays.  These magnificent jars contain 100 messages which will give recipients hope during their time of need. Because a percentage of all proceeds will be… Read more »