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Stories of Survival and Hope: World Cancer Survivor Day

Pancreatic cancer has a devastatingly low five-year survival rate of only 8%. Cancer Survivor’s Day is June 4th, 2017. Please join Project Purple in celebrating the lives of those who are pancreatic cancer survivors.  Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Kevin King  Kevin King first learned he had pancreatic cancer in 2013. Since then, the love and support… Read more »

New and Improved Jars of Hope Filled with Love

  Allison Spates wanted to give her husband a special and meaningful gift as a way of marking the birth of their first child. However, the new mom quickly realized how difficult it is to accomplish anything with a new baby at home. Allison says, “There is just no time to do anything with a… Read more »

Tara Petta’s Powerful and Amazing Story of Hope

In 2014, Tara Petta’s worst fears came true when she was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters even worse, it happened to be the most deadly form of cancer: pancreatic.  “Getting cancer was always a huge fear of mine,” Tara Petta says. “If someone was complaining about something, I would tell them ‘Put it into… Read more »

Introducing Jars of Hope- a gift to heal, support, and encourage

Are you wondering what you can do to lift someone’s spirits over the holidays? Project Purple is pleased to offer these beautiful ‘Jars of Hope’ just in time for the holidays.  These magnificent jars contain 100 messages which will give recipients hope during their time of need. Because a percentage of all proceeds will be… Read more »