Scientific Research Grants

The Project Purple Research Program is our largest program. Through it, we have awarded hundred of thousands of dollars to some of the best medical centers and hospitals in the field of pancreatic cancer research.


Griffin Hospital (CT): $5,000
St. Vincent’s Hospital (CT): $10,000


Tufts Medical Center (MA): $35,000
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (MA): $35,000


University of Nebraska Medical Center (NE): $150,000 – ARTICLE 1, ARTICLE 2, ARTICLE 3, ARTICLE 4PRESS RELEASE


Jane Snyder Fellowship Grant: $52,000 – ARTICLE 1, PRESS RELEASE

Columbia University and New York University collaborative research: $250,000 – ARTICLE 1, ARTICLE 2,  PRESS RELEASE


University of Nebraska Medical Center for an Early Detection Protocol: $140,000 – PRESS RELEASE

MD Anderson: $150,000 – PRESS RELEASE


More detailed information will be provided for this program in the near future. If you have immediate questions, you can contact us at