Project Purple Podcast Episode 271 – Surviving Pancreatic Cancer with Matthew Rosenblum

Matthew Rosenblum is a social scientist who calls Michigan home. In this episode, Matthew courageously opens up about his extraordinary journey with pancreatic cancer, a battle that began at the young age of 32.

Matthew discusses how he relocated to North Carolina amidst the pandemic to support a friend’s business when he developed an unusual combination of symptoms. Little did he know that what initially seemed like a consequence of his lifestyle choices or a hangover would lead to a life-altering diagnosis. 

With a history of Crohn’s disease, Matthew was familiar with gastrointestinal issues, and severe itching on his palms and feet. The itching was paired with jaundice, which raised concerns. Facing this challenging reality, Matthew underwent a gallbladder removal surgery and had a bile duct stent placed, but the persistence of symptoms revealed the gravity of his situation. Consulting with doctors initially left him with no straight answer, but after persistent symptoms, brushings confirmed the dreaded diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Thus began Matthew’s journey. Tune in to this compelling episode of Project Purple Podcast to witness Matthew’s inspiring story of triumph, resilience, and the power of advocacy in the face of pancreatic cancer in this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast. 

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