Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month Recap

November was Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and Project Purple helped bring awareness to the disease through a variety of events.  

Project Purple had a total of 91 runners participate in the NYC Marathon on November 3rd. This year, 53,508 runners (30,794 men/22,714 women) finished the marathon, beating the 2018 record of 52,812 finishers. A total of $427,000 was raised by Project Purple runners to help defeat pancreatic cancer. 

The New York City Marathon was a successful race for Project Purple and its runners. Not only did Project Purple raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that will go towards fighting pancreatic cancer, but the experience is one that the runners will never forget. 

On November 21, Project Purple brought awareness to World Pancreatic Cancer Day by running 45.75 miles in honor of those fighting the disease. 45.75 miles represents one mile for every thousand people who will pass away from pancreatic cancer in 2019, which is 45,750 in the United States. 

Project Purple employees and ambassadors completed the goal in an effort to raise money and make a difference for those fighting pancreatic cancer. The event helped raise over $3,000 and will help jumpstart Project Purple’s Patient Financial Aid program for 2020. This program benefits families financially with aid towards their medical treatment. 

Project Purple partnered with 40 gyms to hold CrossFit workouts to help raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer. More than 510 people registered for the events, and around $13,000 was raised from those participants. In total, more than $40,000 has been raised so far. 

Project Purple kicked off a new “We Are Project Purple” virtual series during the month of November. With virtual events, you can participate wherever you are! Participants can run, jog or walk a 5K or do max push-ups for 30 seconds and then tag two people to challenge them to do their max pushups.  

Over 200 people took part in the virtual series and $10,000 was raised throughout the month.  

Project Purple was also featured on CT Live on Tuesday, November 26. CEO and Founder Dino Verrelli went on the station to talk more about pancreatic cancer and how Project Purple supports patients fighting the disease. The segment from the show can be viewed here

At Project Purple, our mission is to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients through support, hope, and compassion. You can take part in one of our events, volunteer, or start a fundraiser to help raise money and spread awareness. 

We would like to thank all those who participated in our events during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Project Purple will continue to raise awareness and fight for a world without pancreatic cancer.  

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