Project Purple Podcast Episode 260 – Discussing BRCA & Pancreatic Cancer w/ Dr. Brittany Smirnov, DO

Meet Dr. Brittany Smirnov of northern Virginia. Dr. Smirnov is a dermatologist who has a unique connection to pancreatic cancer despite not specializing in it. After experiencing challenges with breastfeeding her second child, she delved into her family’s medical history and discovered the BRCA mutations on her father’s side that have led to various cancers. With her medical background and family experience, she shares valuable insight into how BRCA affects the risk of pancreatic and other cancers, and what to do if you have a BRCA Mutation.

Dr. Smirnov shares her personal story and explains how it led her to pursue a career in dermatology with the goal of being a part of positive change in the medical field. She also discusses a risk reduction procedure she underwent and how advocacy played a role in making it happen. Additionally, she also touches on the future of AI and how it may be able to help identify genetic mutations to aid in cancer research. 

Tune in to this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast to learn more about Dr. Smirnov’s research on pancreatic cancer and BRCA mutations, as well as her family’s journey.

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