Project Purple Podcast Episode 266 – Surviving Pancreatic Cancer with Martin Inderbitzin

Meet Martin Inderbitizin from Switzerland. Having just completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the age of 32, Martin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, disrupting his plans to embark on a new career.

His research focused on stress and emotions, and little did he know that this scientific knowledge would prove invaluable in coping with his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. To cope, he took up running, even signing up for a triathlon without prior competitive experience. He registered for the triathlon while receiving chemotherapy, using it as a distraction from cancer.

Despite a decade-long battle, Martin emphasizes that he doesn’t feel the illness but rather the effects of the treatments. Running made him feel alive and provided a way to shift from illness to health.

He advocates for a constructive mindset, embracing all emotions instead of strictly pursuing positivity. Martin underscores the importance of listening to your body and maintaining a healthy pace, whether in running or coping with challenges.

In sharing insights into the biology of the mind, Martin highlights the crucial acknowledgment of certain emotions and reactions.

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