Project Purple Podcast Episode 269 – Battling Pancreatic Cancer with Summer DeCoste

Summer DeCoste, from Virginia, shares her inspiring journey as she opens up about her life-changing diagnosis in this heartfelt YouTube video. Summer reflects on the unsustainable lifestyle she led before her pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2018. Candidly discussing her struggles with heavy drinking and unhealthy food choices, she reveals a raw and honest picture of the moments leading up to her medical revelation.

When she was experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort and back pain, Summer sought medical attention. Despite receiving a prescription for pepsin medications, she trusted her instincts and advocated for herself during that same appointment. This pivotal decision led to scans the following day, that allowed doctors to discover pancreatic cancer.

In this emotional recount, Summer shares the challenges of processing her diagnosis and emphasizes the crucial role played by her supportive family and friends, especially her husband. Facing the daunting prospect of pancreatic cancer head-on, she found strength in their unwavering encouragement.

Summer delves into her complex relationship with faith, exploring whether she believed in a higher power before and earlier in her journey. Despite initial uncertainties, she reveals a profound connection with God throughout her journey, feeling His presence at every step.

Having lost her mother to cancer, Summer opens up about the negative mindset she harbored, fearing a similar fate for herself. However, she has overcome that negative manifestation, highlighting her resilience and a newfound perspective on life.

Join Summer DeCoste on this transformative journey, as she navigates battling pancreatic cancer, finding strength in faith, and rewriting her narrative with hope and courage. Connect with Summer on Instagram:   / summer_thymes  

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