Project Purple Podcast Episode 268 – Battling Pancreatic Cancer with Ana Brazil

Introducing Ana Brazil, an indomitable spirit hailing from Oakland, California, who faced an unexpected battle with bladder cancer after discovering blood in her urine. As she navigated through the challenges of bladder cancer treatments, an unforeseen twist emerged – an early stage of pancreatic cancer was detected.

Ana, a talented writer of historical fiction, weaves this chapter of her life, or her ‘episode’ with cancer. While doctors successfully eradicated all traces of bladder cancer, a significant portion of her pancreas and spleen had to be removed due to the pancreatic cancer. The tumors manifested in dual forms, adenocarcinoma and a neuroendocrine tumor (N.E.T.).

In this episode, Ana shares insights into her ‘episode’ with pancreatic cancer. She discusses the impact cancer has had on her and her husband’s retirement plans, restricting them from relocating to proximity to her treatment center. Despite reaching Stage 4, Ana refuses to let the diagnosis define her. She bravely challenges the idea of becoming a statistic and breaks free from the stigma associated with Stage 4 cancer.

Join us on the Project Purple Podcast to witness Ana’s inspiring ‘episode’ and gain a deeper understanding of her spirit and positivity, that break through the constraints of cancer.

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