Project Purple Podcast Episode 258 – Surviving Pancreatic Cancer with Pam Zane & Stacy Greer

Mother and daughter, Pam and Stacy, are from Houston, Texas. Pam is the wife of a head and neck surgeon, so she is no stranger to the medical world. Pam developed severe itching and sought medical help for this from her general doctor, from there she was sent to a series of specialists, as her doctor wasn’t convinced this was a dermatology issue.

Pam was soon diagnosed with stage 2B pancreatic cancer and from there she faced many challenges throughout her journey, everything from having her surgery delayed to developing life-threatening infections. Join us on today’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast as Pam and her daughter Stacy recount the many bumps in the road Pam faced and how they kept a positive outlook despite the many setbacks.

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