Project Purple Podcast Episode 253 – Providing Meals for Patients with Valentino Perrina

As an Italian-American with a family that cherishes food, Valentino Perrina knows the power nutrition holds. He and his brothers opened a restaurant together, so when they launched Nutre, they knew how to produce gourmet, restaurant-grade food.

When his dad and oldest brother developed health problems related to their eating habits, the Perrina’s used their cooking skills to prepare meals to aid them in their weight-loss journey. When his brother saw great success with this diet, losing 100 pounds in under a year with these food-prepping measures, they extended their meal-prepping services to friends and family creating Nutre Meal Plans.

Nutre soon grew to operate out of a 30,000 sq ft warehouse and their services are now accessible to people all over new england and the tri-state area, soon to be in the south-east region as well. Nutre is matching Project Purple’s $125,000 together totaling a quarter of a million dollars in funding to provide nutritious meals to patients battling pancreatic cancer. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Project Purple Podcast to learn more about our partnership with Nutre and the story behind the company with Valentino.

If you are a pancreatic cancer fighter or caretaker* looking to apply for food assistance, visit

*must live in MA, NH, RI, CT, VT, ME, NY, NJ, or PA.

To learn more about this partnership, check out this article:

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