Jim Pantelidis & Project Purple To Be Honored at Blue Dream Gala

James Panteldis was an incredibly generous man who believed in supporting those around him. When he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017, Jim and his family became highly invested in not just battling the disease, but making sure no one had to suffer the same way he did. Today, the Pantelidises work with Project Purple to promote their mission of a world without pancreatic cancer. Even though Jim has recently passed, his memory lives on in the family and the work that they do to support the fight against pancreatic cancer. 

Thanks to the work and generosity of the Pantelidis family, Project Purple is proud to be one of the honorees at this year’s Blue Dream Gala, an event sponsored by the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. The gala will be held on August 26 at the Muses in Southampton, NY. 

James Pantelidis’s Story  

Jim Pantelidis was described by many as a devoted man. He was a man devoted to his family, his faith, and his passions, one of which was helping those in need. In addition to working as Principal and Chief Financial Officer of Pan-Brothers Associates, he was also involved in several charities, including Project Purple. He brought his incredible generosity to everything he did. 

“Jim was an amazing person, a genuine conversationalist and a person with a huge heart and a personality to match it,” said Dino Verrelli, founder and CEO of Project Purple. “He was a kind, generous and genuine soul.” 

The Pantelidis family became involved with the organization in 2017, shortly after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His daughter, Mariana, signed up for the New York City Marathon that year, and from there, the family’s involvement has only grown. They have participated in several marathons and fundraised for the organization for about six years. Working with Jim and his family has been an incredible honor for the organization. 

“They have been our top donors over the past 5 years and it really has allowed us to continue to help so many families and continue to fund critical research,” said Verrelli. 

Sadly, Jim passed away this year on April 13. During his battle, he maintained a positive attitude and always looked for ways to stay connected to his passions. Even though during his diagnosis Jim went through several rounds of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries, he continued to run, fight, love, and serve his community. Today, Project Purple hopes to continue his legacy of perseverance and generosity by participating in the Blue Dream Gala and continuing to raise money to end pancreatic cancer. 

Going to the Gala

Project Purple is one of two honorees of this year’s Blue Dream Gala, along with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. This annual summertime event was first launched in 2011 by the church by Father Alexander Karloutsos, the head of the Greek Orthodox parish that sponsors this event. Over the past twelve years, it has grown into a prestigious event in South Hampton, New York, inviting several celebrity guests and important leaders in various industries. 

This year, the event will take place on August 26, at the Muses, a prominent event venue in Southampton. The main goal of the event, according to Father Alex, is to gather people together to promote important causes on both the local and international levels, with the overall idea of spreading the message of generosity and kindness, core values of the Greek Orthodox faith. 

The Pantendis family, members of the Greek Orthodox church, visited the Dormition of the Virgin Mary every summer for mass while staying in Southampton on vacation. Jim, was always charismatic, always friendly, and cared deeply about his faith. He reached out to Father Alex, and the two became close. Jim soon became a prominent contributor in the parish and served on the committee board for the gala. Because he also had a connection with pancreatic cancer, Jim was able to connect the two organizations. 

Now, to honor Jim, the two organizations are working together to raise money for the Pantelidis Family Research Grant, a fund designed by Jim to help support pancreatic cancer patients through research efforts. All of the proceeds raised through the Blue Dream Gala will go directly to his fund and its intended cause of ridding the world of this disease. 

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If you are interested in supporting the Pantelidis Family Research Grant, please click here

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