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Five Nutrition Tips Following Pancreatic Cancer Surgery

Nutrition after Pancreatic Cancer Surgery More and more cancer patients are recognizing they are fighting a battle which much be fought on multiple fronts. For pancreatic cancer, in particular, it is important to recognize the importance diet and nutrition play in the fight against cancer. Pancreatic cancer patients often struggle with digestive problems due to… Read more »

Coping with Hair Loss from Chemo

When many cancer patients learn they must undergo chemotherapy, often one of the first things they wonder is, “Will I lose my hair?” Many, but not all, chemotherapy drugs cause hair thinning or hair loss. While some patients lose only the hair on their heads, other  patients lose eyelashes, eyebrows, leg hair, and so on…. Read more »

Critical Importance of Nutrition While Battling Pancreatic Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the nutrition advice can be overwhelming. Good nutrition during treatment is important for tolerating treatments and healing quickly. Because the pancreas produces many important digestive and absorption components like insulin and digestive enzymes, people getting treatment for pancreatic cancer can often have trouble eating. Loss of muscle and… Read more »

Tara Petta’s Powerful and Amazing Story of Hope

In 2014, Tara Petta’s worst fears came true when she was diagnosed with cancer. To make matters even worse, it happened to be the most deadly form of cancer: pancreatic.  “Getting cancer was always a huge fear of mine,” Tara Petta says. “If someone was complaining about something, I would tell them ‘Put it into… Read more »

Jason Jura Does Tough Mudder for His Mom

Jason Jura recounts the night that he learned of his mother’s passing, “I received a call sometime in the middle of the night, and when the phone rang, I knew it could only mean one thing.” Sarah Jura was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic pancreatic cancer in early February, 2006. She had been feeling unwell… Read more »