11 Ways to Help Out a Cancer Patient

Learning someone you love has cancer can be frightening and overwhelming. Friends and family often want to help the patient, but they are not sure what to do. People often resort to saying, ‘Let me know what I can do to help’ or ‘Let me know if you need anything’. While the people who make… Read more »

Delaney Pals Running for Uncle Lost to Pancreatic Cancer

Delaney Pals watched helplessly from afar for much of the two years as her Uncle David Kostolansky battled pancreatic cancer. David’s strength in the face of the illness which ultimately took his life inspired Delaney tremendously. She was also in awe of his wife and three daughters, who always maintained a sense of hope and… Read more »

Tessa Pals Runs First Marathon for Uncle David

“Uncle David was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer while I was living in Chicago,” Tessa Pals recalls. Her uncle, David Kostolansky, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014. In July, 2015, following chemotherapy and radiation, David was deemed eligible for potentially curative surgery.  She adds, “He had surgery and it was a huge success.” Even though… Read more »

Gone in 5 Weeks: Carly D’Arpino Runs for Mom

There aren’t many illnesses that can take a healthy woman and render her completely helpless in a matter of days. Pancreatic cancer is a disease which can do exactly that. When Jean Amodio was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she was a stunningly beautiful, vibrant, active 64-year-old woman. Just days later, she could no longer even… Read more »

Mariana Pantelidis Running NYCM for PC Survivor Dad

Mariana Pantelidis started running with her dad, James, when she was just seven years old. “My dad started taking me to the annual Brooklyn Turkey Trot at Prospect Park. We would go do our five mile runs together,” Marianna recalls. Inspired by these early experiences with her dad, Mariana fell in love with running. Over… Read more »