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Change a Life with Monthly Giving

Imagine your doctor telling you, “You have pancreatic cancer.” Your chances of survival are extremely slim because there is no cure.  You are blindsided. Treatments begin immediately but you are so sick and weak you are forced to take a leave of absence from your job. Your insurance, if you can keep it, covers some… Read more »

Fighting Cancer: A Nightmare of Debt

No one should have to worry about going into debt while fighting for their life. Unfortunately, when a patient has cancer, they will endure difficult and extremely costly treatments.  Recent research has shown that half of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and cannot afford to pay an unexpected bill of only $400.  A cancer diagnosis would quickly cause… Read more »

Project Purple Program Director Chelsey Bunyer

When Chelsey Bunyer joined Project Purple in the role of Program Director in August, 2016, she quickly learned how expensive it is to battle cancer. “It was surprising to me to find out that insurance doesn’t cover everything and those costs really do add up quickly,” she explains. In her new role, she hopes to… Read more »

Help Patients Who are Fighting Pancreatic Cancer!

Project Purple recognizes how difficult it is for patients to fight cancer while keeping up with their bills. The charity created the Patient Financial Aid program specifically to provide financial assistance to those who are currently fighting pancreatic cancer. Project Purple chairman, Dino Verrelli, and Executive Director, Elli Erickson, both watched their parents as they… Read more »

Project Purple Launches ‘Fifty in Fifty’ campaign!

Since its inception, Project Purple has been a charity on a mission to end pancreatic cancer. All of the funds Project Purple raises go specifically to fund research, provide patient financial aid or to provide scholarship funds for students who have been impacted by pancreatic cancer. The majority of money Project Purple raises comes from… Read more »