Push-Pull for PC 2018: Fighting Cancer with CrossFit

Project Purple kicked off its new Push-Pull for PC 2018 campaign at the four-day  Wodapalooza Fitness Fesival held in January. More than 1200 athletes and 30,000 spectators convened in Miami for the annual festival. This premiere event was the perfect venue for Project Purple to engage with fitness enthusiasts and spread the word about our rapidly expanding Push-Pull charity program. Project Purple is very excited to be extending the Push-Pull  for PC 2018 campaign from a month-long event to a year-long charity program! 

Four Years of Push-Pull for PC 

Project Purple started its Push-Pull for PC program four years ago as an event highlighting pancreatic cancer awareness month. At the time, a few gyms in the Connecticut area participated in the fundraising event.   In 2017, Vin Kampf joined Project Purple with the goal of expanding the Push-Pull for PC program. By all measures, he was incredibly successful. Vin registered 35 gyms and had 500 individuals register for Push-Pull for PC last year. He estimates that ultimately 1000 people ended up participating in an event during November, 2017.

Push-Pull for PC
Work Harder. It’s not Chemo!

Push-Pull for PC 2018

This year, Vin and Project Purple are setting their sights even higher. Hoping to grow the program even more in 2018, Project Purple has simplified the registration process, making it faster and easier than ever before for a Box or Individual to participate. Furthermore, Push-Pull for PC is no longer limited to the month of November. Your gym can hold an event any time throughout the year!

Push-Pull for PC
Pull ups at the 2017 Push-Pull for PC

Here’s what you need to know about Push-Pull for PC 2018

  1. 1)There is a new, simplified registration page, making it easier than ever to join.

2) We have opened events to be held on any day of the year, not just November.

3) There is NO COST to host an event. Hosting the event is absolutely free.

4) We will send out promotional materials in a starter kit to all gyms and/or individuals who register.

5) Fundraising will be on-going, and you can participate any time of year.

6) Referral program: Incentives to those who  refer other participants to our Push-Pull for PC program.

Push-pull for PC
Vin Kampf at Push-Pull for PC

Here are the ways you can get involved In Push-Pull for PC 2018!

Host an event: If you own a box or a gym, you can host an event for free.

Participate: Participants can register individually or as part of their gym’s team. If you sign up before your gym registers, you can be added to the team in the future. It is $25 for an individual to register and all registrants will receive an event t-shirt.

Fundraise: Fundraising is optional, but those who commit to fundraising can participate throughout 2018, which an opportunity to earn incentives and rewards.

-Incentives will be awarded throughout the year for top individual and gym fundraisers!

Push-Pull for PC

Sponsor support for Push-Pull for PC 2018

Several amazing businesses have already partnered with Project Purple for Push-Pull for PC 2018. They include: 

Born PrimitiveBorn Primitive will be making the official shirt of Push-Pull for PC 2018. 

In addition, Born Primitive will be donating 10% of all purchases of the Vitality Lilac Sports Bra and Shorts to Project Purple all year and that will increase to $10 for month of November.  Purchase the bra here:  Vitality Sports Bra  

The shorts will be coming out in the Spring, 2018, so stay tuned for more information!

RPM Training Ropes:  Check out their  amazing training jump ropes  and clothing! RPM Training Ropes  

Nova3 Labs: We are proud to be working with Nova Thr3e labs, which makes scientifically-backed supplements.  Nova 3 Labs

KettleBell Kitchen: Kettlebell Kitchen helps athletes reach their health and fitness goals with their meal service. Check them out here: KettleBell Kitchen

Support From the CrossFit Community

Vin is incredibly impressed with how supportive the CrossFit community has been during his time with Project Purple. He explains, “A lot of people do not know how bad pancreatic cancer is. When they learn more about it, it is alarming and eye-opening.” He adds that once CrossFitters found out about pancreatic cancer’s 8% survival rate, they were grateful to have the opportunity to participate in Push-Pull for PC and wanted to know what else they could do to help. 

Vin’s personal goal is to have 200 gyms and 2000 individuals participate in Push-Pull for PC 2018. Since this is now an ongoing event which can be held any day of the year, there is no reason we cannot reach these goals. 

We at Project Purple are so excited to see the ways we will continue to grow and expand our reach in 2018. Money raised through Push-Pull for PC will go towards Project Purple’s Patient Financial Aid program and to fund medical research. Please spread the word and help us as we fight to create a world without pancreatic cancer! 

For more information about participating in Push-Pull for PC, or about becoming a sponsor, click HERE or  contact Vin at 

Push-Pull for PC
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