Blue Dream Gala in Southampton, NY Donates $175,000 To Pancreatic Cancer Research

Dino Verrelli and the Pantelidis family at Blue Dream Gala
Mariana and Carli Pantelidis accepting award at the Blue Dream Gala
Project Purple CEO Dino Verrelli and Father Alex from The Dormition of The Virgin Mary

The Blue Dream Gala is an amazing event that works to connect people with charities in the community, all in the hopes of spreading awareness and raising funds to create a better world. This year, Blue Dream honored Project Purple, along with the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation. 

Thanks to the generosity of the Blue Dream Gala, and the Dormition of the Virgin Mary who sponsors the event, Project Purple was granted $175,000, which will directly contribute to the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Blue Dream & The Pantelidis Family Research Grant

Blue Dream connected with Project Purple through the Pantelidis family. James Pantelidis, a proud member of the Greek Orthodox church that sponsors the event, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2017. He battled courageously for many years, and during his diagnosis became a proud member of several Project Purple running teams for various marathons. After his passing this year, the Pantelidis family continues to honor Jim’s memory by supporting the organization in any way they can.

The Pantelidis’ believe that the fight against pancreatic cancer is highly important for not just themselves, but their whole community. This is why the family established the Pantelidis Family Research Grant, a fund designed by Jim to help support pancreatic cancer patients through research efforts. All of the proceeds raised through the Blue Dream Gala went directly to his fund and its intended cause of ridding the world of this disease. 

About The Blue Dream Gala

The Blue Dream Gala has been a staple in the South Hampton, NY community for almost thirteen years. This annual summertime event is organized by Father Alexander Karloutsos, the head of the Greek Orthodox parish, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. The event works with local and national nonprofits to support the amazing work each organization does. On August 26, the gala raised $500,000 in donations for 12 different charities.

However, Project Purple was honored specifically at the gala for their work with the Pantedlis family and their work towards finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. 

Honoring Jim Pantelidis

At the celebration, Jim’s two daughters, Mariana and Carli, were presented with an award as well as a check for the grant. Mariana gave a heartfelt speech about her dad’s devotion to family, his religion, and finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. Together with Project Purple, the Panteledis family was able to honor their father’s memory by giving back to the community that supported them through Jim’s diagnosis. 

Project Purple would like to thank the entire parish for the support, in particular, Father Alex and his family for their support of the Pantelidis family and Project Purple. We would also like to thank all those who contributed to the Pantelidis Family Research Grant. With all of your help, we are one step closer to creating a world without pancreatic cancer. 

If you would like to donate to the Pantelidis Family Research Grant, please click here.

To learn more about the Pantelidis Family Research Grant, please click here.

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