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Heather Horner Grieves Loss of Husband to Pancreatic Cancer

Heather and Mike Horner felt like their lives were falling perfectly into place. She married her best friend and the love of her life, Michael Horner. The couple had recently moved into their ‘dream home’. They had a beautiful baby girl, Mary Helen. Their love was deep and could withstand anything.  While they knew life… Read more »

Michael Rice: Mom’s Battle Inspires Marathon Run

So many times, Project Purple athletes are running in honor of someone who has passed away from pancreatic cancer. Last year, Michael Rice ran the Twin Cities Marathon in honor of his mom, Barbara Phelps. Barbara, who is battling pancreatic cancer, was healthy enough to watch Michael cross the finish line. Now Michael is training for… Read more »

Sami Mansfield: Saving the World One Cancer Patient at a Time

When Sami Mansfield embarked upon her career as a Personal Trainer 14 years ago, she never imagined she would find her ultimate passion in working exclusively with cancer patients. Today, working with this population is her professional focus, as she leads programs exclusively for cancer fighters and survivors in the Kansas City area. While the program’s… Read more »

Coping with Hair Loss from Chemo

When many cancer patients learn they must undergo chemotherapy, often one of the first things they wonder is, “Will I lose my hair?” Many, but not all, chemotherapy drugs cause hair thinning or hair loss. While some patients lose only the hair on their heads, other  patients lose eyelashes, eyebrows, leg hair, and so on…. Read more »

10 Things You Can Do to Combat Chemo Brain

Many cancer patients experience mental fogginess during or after cancer treatments. These problems, known more commonly as ‘chemo brain’, can be extremely frustrating for cancer patients. Chemo brain may be a transient problem, or it may last for years.  What is Chemo Brain? Chemo Brain is the term used for several cognitive changes cancer patients… Read more »